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Bonnie has been the owner of Soul’s Journey since 2002 and on this website you will be introduced to Reiki and Reflexology.

Reflexology Services

Hand and Foot reflexology is a modality everyone should experience for better health. Reflexology can be practiced on anyone regardless of their age. Bonnie has worked with newborns to Senior Citizens in her practice. In today’s times, we find it more difficult to deal with the stresses of everyday life. The body’s defenses break down and we become more susceptible to illnesses. A few of the benefits of reflexology are to improve circulation, relaxation by removing stress, and assisting in naturally balancing the body’s metabolism. Reflexology is a complementary modality the client may experience while working on their road to wellness.

Reiki Services

With today’s hectic life styles, it is of great importance to help people into a state of deep relaxation, and this is where a reiki session can play an important role. It is a quiet time for the client, who will lie comfortably on a reiki table, clothed and covered under a warm blanket. Soothing music playing in the background will start the session. As the reiki practitioner places her hands gently on specific areas of the body, the client may start to feel the energy flowing in as a tingling sensation or as the feeling of heat from her hands. This is the reiki energy drawn in by the client to begin their healing on a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level.

A Little About…

Bonnie Smith

Bonnie has been the owner of Soul’s Journey since 2002 and on this website you will be introduced to Reiki and Reflexology.   It was December of 2007 when she learned of the healing qualities of the Amethyst Bio Mat and has incorporated the Biomat with her healing sessions. Each modality is unique, but all have the same wonderful powers of healing, deep relaxation and enjoyment.

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